Sunday, September 30, 2012

My new charango.

Ah, romance. When we met in the handicraft market in Lima, it was love at first sight. I bargained for you, but your price isn't any indication of your true worth.
I brought you home from the city to our house.

 I introduced you to my host-brother, Efrain.

He noticed right away how beautiful the carvings on your back are.
We took you to visit some important persons.
My host-sister Grecia is learning guitar, so she appreciated you right away.

You met the new chicken that wandered into our courtyard and hasn’t been claimed yet. Efrain is feeding her anyway, out of his own money. She was very interested. Or, perhaps she just hoped it was dinnertime.

My host mother, Elena, held you in her arms.

Kaiser, the roof dog, wasn’t sure what to say.

On the roof, you hung out with my laundry (that I washed in the stream earlier today).

You are so agile, my fearless charango.

Your sound is beautiful; sharp as mountain air.

So much more attractive than the incessant cooing starting before dawn of the lonesome dove that lives in a cage right outside my door. I do not love the dove. Fortunately, we expect to get him a girlfriend this week. That should stop him calling to every wild pigeon that passes. I hope.

We stepped outside to give you your first introduction to the neighborhood. Senora Irene, whose little shop is two houses down the hill, was happy to make your acquaintance. I buy my snacks at her place.

You had your first spiritual experience in the little chapel that is being built across the street…

…and met one of the men who is building it.

Ah, my charango. I hope we will make music together for a long time.


  1. So how easy is it to play? I'm so excited that you are doing exactly what you wanted to do once you got there, get a charango and play music!

  2. Lookin' forward to hearing a 10-stringed instrument! By the time you return, you'll be an aficionado, si? Love, Sara R