Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stuck truck

The big excitement in Marco today is that the beer truck got stuck in the mud while delivering beer to my new host family's store. After an hour, another beer truck came to the rescue.
After 4 months of rain, the mud is a living entity. It tried to eat the beer truck. Or maybe drink it.
A lot of the population had already left to go to the cemetery. There was a funeral thins morning. There seems to be a funeral every Saturday morning, followed by drinking in the plaza followed by drinking in the cemetery. I'm not sure what people do for entertainment if there's a week when no one dies. But those of us left watched the efforts to liberate the beer truck.
A lot of shouting and consulting was involved. Several ropes broke. By the way, that's my new host dad in the blue vest. Yes, I've moved to a new host family home, right on the plaza. It's great--within one block of the primary school, girls' high school, boys' high school, town hall, health post, the church, the weekly farmer's market, our 3 restaurants, my family's store, and, of course, exciting developments like the beer truck getting stuck in the mud.
As I wrote this, one beer truck pulled the other beer truck out of the mud. They were able to load in the empty Cristal bottles and unload the full ones. Our way of life in Marco is safe, at least for this week,
and they promise me that within a month, the rain will stop.

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  1. Pretty little town---sturdy buildings, and getting a glimpse there of the town plaza. In two weeks, we'll be heading down to our little village in Mexico...